Southeast State Parks

Exploring the State Parks of the Southeast

When our budget and schedule doesn’t allow for luxury travel (or any travel)–We get outdoors in our backyard!

How This Started

What do you do when Travel and Leisure is your biggest fantasy and your husband’s idea of a vacation is driving 45 minutes out of town to North Georgia to hunt? And, when the budget is tight because well, life?

This is the boat I found myself in after more than a year of being in travel lockdown because of the pandemic. A budget of zero with zero desire to get two toddlers to wear facemasks in an airport.

That’s when compromise comes in.

There are 63 National Parks in America, as of now, in 2021. But being in the southeast, with the limited budget and fear of driving 20 plus hours in the car with toddlers, setting a goal of camping or hiking in all the parks seemed overly ambitious. I needed something smaller, something a little more doable.

There are 48 state parks in Georgia and 56 state parks in Tennessee. Picking one of those states seemed like a more realistic goal. Plus, the last time we tried camping with just one nursing baby, I am positive I cried over my coffee the next morning because no one slept. That was more than a year, and one child ago.  

The second time we tried camping, we were a family of four with a different nursing baby. That trip had all the potential to be perfect. An idyllic spot, an afternoon of peaceful canoeing—but no—we packed up at 2 a.m. and drove home.

So, what’s a gal to do when she’s desperate to get out of town with her family. She tries again. Third times a charm. 

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