We had big plans to go on a camping trip in the Smoky Mountains for a few nights with the boys, but as luck would have it, both came down with a fever the night before.

The new mission was to find a way to spend time together that was not in front of the television. Easier said than done when no one felt up for anything–not even going outside.

5 Things to do with Kids on a Sick Day:

Build an indoor tent. We used an old playpen, sheets and cut out some stars since we’d be missing out on the real ones. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned fort to get the imagination going.

Play board games. We have three current favorites: Guess Who?, The Little Detective Game, and Let’s Feed! The Very Hungary Caterpillar!

The Little Detective Game is my go-to 3-year-old birthday present–hours pass playing this one (and it doesn’t make any noise). Parents, you will thank me. The 2-year-old mainly likes to play with the pieces, but he still participates.

Play doctor. Both of the boys love playing with their doctor kit, even when no one is under the weather. It makes sense to want to figure out everyone’s ailments on sick days, too. The stethoscope is an item often bickered over.  

Bake something easy on the stomach. We made these buttermilk star-shaped pancakes. I put strawberry jam on top of mine (we made it from the strawberries we picked).

Used the same star cookie cutter that I used to make star shaped watermelon.

Read your favorite books together. These are fun sick day books. A Sick Day for Amos McGee and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

Have a surprise. I like to keep a box of new books and games hidden from my boys. It is nice to have something new to pull out on rainy or sick days to help distract.

**As an Amazon Associate I earn a teeny-weeny bit from qualifying purchases.

If you have any suggestions on activities or picture books I would love to hear them!

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