What is a mom to do when all her planet obsessed little boy wants is an outer space birthday party? Search Pinterest, of course.

While I was pinning away the different decoration and cake ideas, I came across the International Dark-Sky Association, which I’d never heard of before. Living in an urban environment, I realize there aren’t stars to gaze upon like when we are camping—but didn’t know gaining international dark-sky status was something to be coveted.

According to the IDA, adding artificial light to the darkness disrupts ecosystems and contributes to wastes energy.

There are two International Dark Sky Places in Tennessee:

  1. Obed Wild & Scenic River
  2. Pogue Creek Canyon

There is one International Dark Sky Place in Georgia:

  1. Stephen C. Foster State Park

After a Google Maps search to see how far to get to these locations I started planning our next weekend trips. All within a days drive, so we will be heading out on a dark-sky adventure to see the difference first hand.

Back to the birthday party: after telling me he wanted a moon birthday cake, he said a galaxy one would be cooler the moment we started frosting. Queue more Pinterest videos.

The cake is Ina Garten’s “Beatty’s Chocolate Cake” because there’s nothing better.

I cut out star-shaped watermelon and put them in a Moon Pie tin with Oasis floral foam. How could I not have Moon Pies when they’re made in Chattanooga? Read about the history of Moon Pie, here.

There was the obligatory balloon arch. Balloons are latex, so they are biodegradable. The foil ones (which unfortunately aren’t biodegradable) can be stored for another party, with tissue paper between each layer.

Here is the list of party supplies I used, plus the stomp rocket (which was by far the hit of the party).

The birthday boy’s favorite space books right now are My First Book About Planets, There’s No Place Like Space! and Space!: The Universe as You’ve Never Seen Before. The little one likes Hello Space! Solar System.

Here are some of my favorite birthday books to give as gifts:

I would love to know your favorite Dark-Sky place to visit–and of course, any kid approved space books to add to the boys rotation.

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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