Long Hunter State Park is along the shore of Percy Priest Lake. You can spend a day doing water activities, like boating, fishing, and swimming, or stay along the shore and hike, bike, and camp.

We did the 0.75-mile Inland Trail. It was a beautiful trail in a glade full of huge Shagbark hickory trees, and it looked like someone had just gone through and blown the leaves and sticks off the path.

There is a Reading Ranger Story Trail just for children with enlarged pages from children’s books, but it was closed due to flooding.

I wish we could have stayed longer at Long Hunter State Park and next time will bring my children. 

Wanna Go:

  • Dogs aren’t allowed on all the trails, so make sure before you bring your pet along.
  • Only certain marked areas allow swimming in the lake. This sign would be torture for my kids—and consequently me.
  • Couchville Lake Arboretum Trail is paved. Two miles of waterfront views that are perfect for strollers!

Parents Approval Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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