For the first Saturday in what seems like forever, the husband and I were child-free for a whole day. How do you spend a day without kids? We hiked five miles in one state park and then one mile, thirty minutes down the road.

There are 10 miles of trails in Cedars of Lebanon State Park. We picked the longest, Hidden Springs Trail, named after this large sinkhole.

My first thought when I saw these sinkholes was that my almost two- and four-year-old children would fall in, but I don’t think I would have made it the several miles in with both of them on foot. (Plus, the one shown above is well-marked).

Hidden Springs Trail is an easy, flat path through a mixture of Eastern Red Cedar trees and oaks.

There are lots of playgrounds for children to enjoy as well as several easy half-mile trails to do with kids.

Since we were footloose and fancy-free, we drove down to Long Hunter State Park to kill time before a wedding. (Baby wipes aren’t just good for little bottoms, they’re also good for French baths).

Wanna Go:

  • There is lots of poison ivy along both sides of the path. If someone in your crew needs to go to the bathroom, make sure it’s away from the PI!
  • If you get a rash around your ankles (12+ hours later), aloe vera helps sooth the itch.

Parents Approval Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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