According to, more than 1 billion people come together each April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. For my family, it’s a fun reason to get outside and do something for the environment and the community we live in.  

  1. Pick up trash while on a walk around your neighborhood. I don’t know about y’all, but I can hardly walk my dog when all he wants to do is eat the plastic containers that litter the streets. Plus, man is it ever unsightly.
  2. Plant a treeor a pot of herbsor try to regrow an avocado from the pit. (I’ve tried this a million times and get tired of how unattractive it looks sitting there in water on my counter. If y’all have tips, I’d love to hear them). We planted a “salsa pot” for our porch–cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro.
  3. Read a book to your child about our planet. These are my kid’s current favorites.
  4. Go hiking. Or biking. Or climbing. Or just on a walk around your office parking lot. Trust me, I know from experience you can get a lot of steps in this way.
  5. Join the Earth Day Virtual Challenge and join a community of others taking steps to see how many times they can run the equator—24,901 miles!
  6. Donate to your local thrift shop. Any excuse to go through my closet (and husband’s) and purge—yes, please!
  7. Eat dinner al fresco. Who doesn’t like an excuse to grill and eat outside? Better yet, make it vegetarian!
  8. Repurpose something. I have drawers full of grubby kid clothes– bring on the tie-dye!
  9. Find out what’s going on in your community to celebrate Earth Day. * Chattanooga Audubon Acres is asking for volunteers to help with trail maintenance. *Join Green Steps Chatt in picking up trash for their Earth Week Litter Challenge!

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