This state park is the former mining site of the Georgia Marble Company, and it has it all. Two stocked lakes to fish, and ducks to feed. Kayaks and pedal boats to rent.  Enough to make it impossible to get two boys to head toward the trail entrance. There are five miles of trails to hike, including the entrance to the Pinhoti Trail.

Our crew—the pregnant lady, two boys, husband, and grandparents— headed up Marble Mine Trail to see the old abandoned mine entrance.

The almost 4-year-old, John, was unimpressed with the 35-foot waterfall at the end of the trail (everyone else was), and hoped continuing would be “more interesting”.  

We finished the hike on The Loop Trail, and he was rewarded with the playground. And I was rewarded for the 3.5-mile trek by being covered in vomit by Franklin.

For the car ride home, Franklin got into his third and final change of clothes. I was stuck in mine, covered in throw-up. John took his shoes off in the car. Never in my life did I think someone so young could have such smelly feet. He thought it was hilarious.

The car ride home was a long and smelly one.

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